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Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research & Review is a Bi-Monthly e-Journal of Multidisciplinary Research bearing ISSN: 2582-8088. The Journal covers contemporary research from all research areas and is not limited to any specific topic or subject.


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Navigating Sustainability: Strategies of Hugom Boatmen Association for Effective Livelihood Management Practices

This paper academically navigates and examines the livelihood of fishermen and boatmen of Hugom Boatmen Association (HBOA) Inc. at Barangay Hugom, San Juan, Batangas. It seeks to answer the prevailing issues on how to have a sustainable livelihood management practice in terms of determining policy and its governance, technology and investment and local adaptive strategies

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Legislative Insights from Abroad: Crafting a Framework for Live-In Relationships in India

Live-in relationships have gained prominence in India in recent years, presenting a complex legal and societal landscape. This article explores the need for a legislative framework to regulate live-in relationships in India, drawing inspiration from international experiences. It examines the current state of live-in relationships in India, discussing the legal ambiguity and challenges faced by

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Exploring the Complex Relationship between Prostitution and Human Trafficking

The research critically assesses the intricate and multifaceted relationship between prostitution and human trafficking. The research delves into the entwined nature of these phenomena, aiming to shed light on the complex dynamics that shape this connection. The essay begins by providing a comprehensive definition of human trafficking, considering various factors that extend beyond the traditional

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An Assessment of Inland Waterways Operations and Challenges along Coastal Communities in the Niger Delta

The purpose of this research is inland waterways transport in Nigeria face, which have an impact on both their potential for future growth and their ability to continue to contribute to the nation’s economic development.  Inland waterway transportation’s operational difficulties in Niger Delta coastal villages were investigated. A cross-sectional research design was used for the

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Family Preservation Vs. Child Safety: The Indian Dilemma

In India, the intricate and sensitive task of reconciling child safety with family preservation presents a complex challenge; this abstract provides an in-depth overview of said issue. Furthermore, it delivers suggestions for improving future child protection measures within the country, underscoring both its importance and urgency. India’s rich cultural heritage underscores the importance of preserving

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