Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Review: A Study

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Journal Title: Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research & Review
Author(s): Dr. Anjali Sandesh Kale
Published On: 03/01/2023
Volume: 3
Issue: 6
First Page: 185
Last Page: 194
ISSN: 2582-8088
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher


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Dr. Anjali Sandesh Kale, Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Review: A Study, Volume 3 Issue 6, Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research & Review, 185-194, Published on 03/01/2023, Available at


Content analysis is non obtrusive research method which helps in getting meaningful insight from the communication. For the present study Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and review was subjected to content analysis. The primary aim of the study was to identify authorship pattern, country wise distribution, length of articles and designations of the contributing authors. It was found that total 221 articles were published in the journal in the year 2021 and 2022. Country wise distribution of the articles revealed that contributions have been made from different parts of the world. India and Philippines acquired 1st and 2nd position by contributing maximum number of articles. It was identified that single authors have contributed more articles. Maximum articles contributed were in the page range of 11 to 20. Teaching staff, research scholars and students have contributed maximum number of articles in the journal.

Keywords: Content analysis, Authorship Pattern, author designation, article productivity, country wise distribution

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