Impact of Workforce Diversity on Employee Performance: A Study on IT Companies

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Journal Title: Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research & Review
Author(s): Rashim Karwal & Dr. Suman Tandon
Published On: 24/06/2022
Volume: 3
Issue: 3
First Page: 86
Last Page: 102
ISSN: 2582-8088
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Rashim Karwal & Dr. Suman Tandon, Impact of Workforce Diversity on Employee Performance: A Study on IT Companies, Volume 3 Issue 3, Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research & Review, 86-102, Published on 24/06/2022, Available at


This paper aimed to analyse the impact of workforce diversity on the employee performance in IT industries.  The range of the workforce involves the subsequent parameters: gender, age, education, and ethnic diversity. IT industry is rapidly growing Industry in India. Workforce diversity is that the emerging issue in today’s corporate world as it’s not only a challenge for the organizations but also a chance, which if not properly managed can affect the performance of employees and therefore the organization. People are different in not only in gender, age, education, ethnic diversity but also in their perspectives and prejudices. The study was carried out by determining the analysis of the available literature and through interpretation of the data collected through secondary sources. This study is also of an exploratory nature which further aims at understanding the decisions of the participants by determining at their opinions and attitudes. Data has been   collected through a well-structured questionnaire from 200 respondents. Correlation analysis and ANOVA were applied to test the impact of age, gender and education diversity on performance of employees of IT companies. After literature reviews and analysis it is concluded that workforce diversity is strength for any organization and if managed properly, will increase the productivity of the employees and employee’s performance.

Keywords: Workforce Diversity, Employees Performance, Age Diversity, Gender Diversity, Education Background Diversity, Ethnicity Diversity.

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