AJMRR Vol. 1 Issue 1 [October 2020]

Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research & Review

ISSN 2582-8088

Pavithra Rajan, TRIPS, Medicines and Human Rights

Anjali Ray, Commercial Papers in India

Priyanka Singh, International Transfer of SALW: Limitations and Problems

Rahul Agarwal, Еconomic Phasе Of Japanеsе- Indian Modеl From 1968- 1990

Snigdha Patil, Еconomic Phasе IV Of Outrеach Of Microfinancе In India From 2000

Vinay Mallikarjunaradhya & Ameya Shastri Pothukuchi, Leveraging AI for Predictive Migration Planning and Automated Data Transfer: Ensuring Optimal Cloud Resource Allocation and Data Integrity

Mohan Raparthi, AI Integration in Precision Health – Advancements, Challenges, and Future Prospects

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