AJMRR Vol. 2 Issue 3 [June – July 2021]

Nikita Sharma & Shagun Charak, Impact Of Covid-19 On Secondary/Higher Secondary School Education In Jammu And Kashmir: A Case Study Of Samba District

Dr. Nilesh Vasantrao Patil, The Study Of Covid-19 Pandemic Second Wave Impact On Students Stress Perceptions In Pune (India)

Anisha Sen, The Trail of Tales: Exploring the Theme of Travelling in Fairy Tales

Mariya Siraj & Ehtesham Ahmad, Ethical Banking Need Of An Hour

Chonghan Hu, On the Characteristics and Ways of Internationalization of Higher Education

Allen Talikan, Relevance of Feedback System on Improving Teachers\’ Effectiveness in the Southern Philippines

Bhavani Devi K.S. & Dr. Latha, Management of Employee, Ergonomic Training Program in an Organization

Sambriddhi Pandey, Sanskriti Giri & Rojeena Thapa, A look into the challenges faced by start-ups in developing countries

Kadambari Bhan, Roger Federer Performance on the Three Surfaces

Noriah Ramli, Covid-19 The Life-Changing Pandemic

Akarshak Bose, A Parallel Study of the Views of Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking on Existence of God

Akarshak Bose & Dr. V Rema, A Comparative Study of Amitav Ghosh’s The Glass Palace and Sudha Shah’s The King in Exile

Kabir Chichiriya, Jurisprudence: Literary Sources of Law- Academic Writings & Textbooks

Pavithra Rajendran, Adultery As A Ground For The Dissolution Of Marriage: Status Of A Kandyan Woman In Sri Lanka

Bhargavi, Virtual Nature in Adoption of Children: Transparency in the System

Anukirat Singh Baweja & Ananaya Khare, Arbitration Mechanism in the United Arab Emirates

Augustine Torayi Mataba, Dynamics Of Employee Empowerment On Organisational Performance At Food Retail Outlets. A Case Study Of Food Retail Outlets In Zimbabwe

Dr Mriganka Choudhury, The Emergence of Indian English as a Nativised Variety and its Acceptability in the Indian Sociolinguistic Landscape

Ranjini Ghosh, E-Learning as Alternative Pedagogical Discourse for Cultural Coherence amidst Adolescents in COVID-19 Pandemic

Jenine Erika Quiambao, Employees’ Workplace Spirituality and Human Resource Effectiveness Mediated By Emotional Intelligence

Poorna Perera, Teachers’ Perceptions Of Implementing Free Voluntary Reading To Support English Language Acquisition In Secondary Classrooms In Sri Lanka

Dr Mriganka Choudhury, Strategies for Success in Learning English: The Indian Pedagogical Perspective

Bhargavi, A Critical Analysis of Laws on Adoption of Children

Dr. Debasisha Pati, Women and Politics of Martyrisation: Deconstructing Indian Patriarchy

Aliyu Mohammed, The Fate Of Health Education Curriculum Content In The New Normal Post Covid-19 Pandemic In Nigeria

Hussein Abdi Ali, Rakia Haji, Meriam Omer, Hodo Sh, Abdi, Nimo Mahad & Ahmed Dhegah, Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Towards (Who) Save Childbirth Checklist Among Healthcare Workers At Main Public Mchs In Gabiley, Somaliland

Tamirat Negash Gure, Host Seeking Behaviour Of Insect Parasitoids And Their Importance In Insect Pest Management

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