AJMRR Vol. 2 Issue 2 [April – May 2021]

Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research & Review

ISSN 2582-8088

Prarthana Vaidya, Transposing Of Pecuniary Penalties In Place Of Corporal Punishments For Juristic Persons

Ashish Joe S S, Conceptualizing The History Of English Language Education: A Case Study Of Kerala

Naorem Sandeep, Amherst Where Emily Dickinson Was Born, Lived And Wrote Her Poetry

Dr. Mary Gabriel I., The Enabled ‘Spectacle and Narrative’ of the Female Unconscious in the Web Series Four More Shots Please on Video Streaming Service: A Study

Sangeetha Gopinath, An Overview of Compressive Sensing For IRS Assisted Secure Terahertz Communication

Taha Shabbir, Yasmeen Farooqui, Mujeeb Abro, Ayesha Gul & Humaira Yaseen, Adapting Effective Digital Communication at Private Universities of Pakistan with Context to 4th Industrial Revolution

Mriganka Choudhury, Role of Ethnicity and Identity in the Evolution of World Englishes

Daisy Saikia, History of Language study in Assam and India

Gulled Yasin, Effect of Subject Matter Knowledge on the Academic Performance of Pupils in Public Primary Schools in Hargeisa District

Kaberi Sonowal & Rishov Jyoti Sonowal, George Orwell’s “1984” and its relevance to the Modern era of Internet and surveillance capitalism

Shashya Mishra, Humanitarian Intervention And Responsibility To Protect

Kirigahawaththe Gedara Nuwan Warnasiri Abeyrathna, Impact of Globalization on Tourist Restaurant Industry in Sri Lanka

Sahara Lucero, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, And Coping Strategies Of The Helping Professionals

Mrs. Monika Mukh & Dr. Rajneesh Suryasen, Information Seeking Behavior of Generation Z in the Context of Digital Age Services – A case study

Mohammed Ibrahim Umer, Economic Institutions and economic development in Aboriginal communities in case of Benishangul, Ethiopia

Ahmed Kheir Osman, Colonial Legal Framework of International Boundary Delimitation in Somalia 1885-1960

Shithee Ahmed & Md. Salay Mostofa, Understanding the Social Dynamics of Labor Unrest: A Critical Exploration of the the Derangement of Labor at Banshkhali Coal-based Power Plant in Bangladesh

Manowar Hussain & Bhaskar Goswami, The Trends and Determinants of FDI Inflow to India from some selected Asian countries

Dr. Kamalasaravanan S, Customer Perception Towards Services Provided By Flipkart

Hussein Abdi Ali, Knowledge And Attitude Level Of Health Science Students Towards Coronavirus (Covid 19) Among Selected Universities In Hargeisa, Somaliland

Dr Purabi Goswami, Retelling or Rewriting: Reading “Moinamatir Sacha (Sadhu) Kotha”

Dr Manisha Gosai, Interpreting Giacomo Balla’s Painting Abstract Speed + Sound

Ishrat Jahan, A Study on The Impact of Humor in Teaching ESL Among Engineering Students

Dr. Tanjong Napoleon Tabe, Enhancing the Enabling Environment for Illegal Bushmeat Exploitation in Cameroon\’s Wetlands for Consumption and Commercialization: Causes, Shortcomings of the law and effects to man and the environment

Regina Via Garcia, Reading An Epoch Of Life: A Multi-Critique Analysis Of The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Thokchom Monica Devi, Admission of Children belonging to Economically Weaker Section in the Private Schools through RTE in Manipur

Kaustav Padmapati, India’s Engagement With The Us For Democratic Development Under Biden Administration: Expectations?

Manidip Chakraborty, The Blind Man’s Bluff: A Narratological Study Of Sriram Raghavan’s Noir Andhadhun

Gulab Karim Shaikh, Predicament Of Indian Women\’s Psyche: A Study Of Anita Desai Novel Cry The Peacock

Akash Bagh, Tanya Pandey, Megha Bindal & Khyati Solanki, Analyzing Human Rights Theory ‘Intrinsic’ To Sustainable Development.

Subhankar Karmakar, Ujjwal Kumar Halder & Debabrata Debnath, A Study On The Correlation Between Concept Attainment Model And Traditional Method Of Teaching On The Basis Of Gender For Life Science Teaching

Dr. Temsukala, Influence Of Education On Naga Identity: From Women Perspective

Taniya Dey, Negative Emotions Can Bring A Positive Emotional Force Towards Life – A Theoretical Approach To Define And Analysis The Statement

Akash Bagh & Shashank Nande, Legitimacy And Governance Perspective: Addressing Susceptibility Of Cryptocurrencies

Akash Bagh & Abhinav K. Shukla, India\’s Uneasiness With Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrency: Identifying The Void On The Legality Of Bitcoins

Mohini Sen Chowdhury, Managing Cultural Diversity In The Workplace

Khansa Fathima, Application of Artificial intelligence for Health and Health care

Mohini Sen Chowdhury, Racism at Work

Nargis Khatoon, Peregrination of Ladakh from a Hunk of Jammu and Kashmir State to a Discrete Union Territory

Juhi Sharma, The Environment Crisis And Sustainability: With Special Reference To Fmcg Companies

Abdullah-Al Mahmood & Salauddin Ahmed, COVID-19 Pandemic and AI-based Telemedicine in Bangladesh: A Communicational Analysis

Mayank Shrivastava, An Analysis Of The Major Corporate Scams Of India With Special Reference To Securities Market

Mohini Sen Chowdhury, Body Of Power, Spirit Of Resistance: The Culture And History Of A South African People

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