AJMRR Vol. 2 Issue 5 [Oct – Nov 2021]

Anil Tanti, An Analysis of Tourism Status and Prospects in Assam

Saikumar Jarupula, Social life of the elderly living in old age homes: A study on old age homes in Hyderabad

Johncy L, Impact of Corona Virus on Higher Education in India

Dr. Amaresh Chandra Sahoo, Protective discrimination under the Constitution of India

Mandeep Kaur, Shweta Chaudhary & Dinesh Kumar, An Economic Analysis Of Aanchal Milk Plant In Udham Singh Nagar District Of Uttarakhand

Saima Kousar, Qasim Shah, Guftar Shah & Nusiebeh Alrwashdeh, The Impact of Terrorism on Economic Growth and Foreign Direct Investment in South Asia

Nikhil Aryal, Factors that hinder the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs): Evidence from Nepal’s SMEs

Dr Ijalana Emmanuel Folayan & Mr. Agbana Julius Olaseinde, An Analytical Comparative Examination Of The Offence Of Bigamy Under The Nigerian And Indian Law

Avichal Bhatnagar, Islamist Fundamentalism, Trauma of Displacement and Persecution of Religious Minorities: A Study of Farida Khalaf’s The Girl who Escaped ISIS: Farida’s Story and Taslima Nasreen’s Lajja

Madhurima Dasgupta & Priyanka Roy, The Role Of Hindu Women Saints In India: A Sociological Analysis

Mahantesh G S, Procedural Aspects Governing Enforcement Of Foreign Arbitral Award In India

Chang Qi & Ahmad Mustaqim Yusoff, Research on The Development Trend of Education Reform in China

Dr Richa Shukla, Role Of Violence In \’The Impressionist\’ By Hari Kunzru

Sandip Manna, Biodiversity of medieval India on the light of Mughal paintings: An investigative viewpoint

Aparna Sharma, A simple curve can make the whole difference

Indumathi M J & Dr. M . Suresh Benjamin, A Critical Analysis of Laws Relating to Marital Rape in India

Kirti Singh, Prashant Singh & Vijay Gangal, Financial Inclusion: A Tool For Resurgence Of Economically Deprived Society

Bilal Ahmed Mir & Hadiqa Ghous Mir, Relationship of Psychological Empowerment, Organizational Justice and Employee Job Performance

Bilal Ahmed Mir & Hadiqa Ghous Mir, Consumer Psychological Behavior in Selection of Islamic Banks

Bilal Ahmed Mir & Hadiqa Ghous Mir, Linking Supervisor Feedback Environment to Organizational Citizenship Behavior & Workplace Deviant Behavior in Construction Sector of Pakistan

Anushka Sharma & Jessica Shrestha, Basic Financial Literacy Among Teenagers In Kathmandu Valley

Ahmed Salisu Garba, Religious Literacy, Pluralism, and Muslim-Christian Alliances in Nigeria

Sonam Wangda & Tenzin Phuntsho, Determinants Of Business Income Tax Compliance Among Medium Enterprises In Capital City Of Bhutan


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