AJMRR Vol. 2 Issue 6 [Dec 2021]

Phyu Cin Thandar Tun, Aye Su Su Win & Naw Htoo Phaw Doh, The Meaning Of Nursing Practice: Educational Matters

Gururaj D. Devarhubli & Bushra Sarfaraj Patel, Freedom of Speech and Expression vis-a-vis Digital Media

Tuan Van Truong, How The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Impacted College Students In Vietnam

Kosha Doshi, Doping Law Regime and its Tussle with Human Rights: within the Array of Asian Countries

Thanh Phuong Nguyen & Tuan Van Truong, Foreign Accent And Speech Intelligibility – Why And How To Reduce

Hussein Abdi Ali & Mustafa Mohamed, Impact of Combining Multiple Active Participatory Teaching Methods on Students’ Performance and Perception about Biostatistics Course

Adamel Lukman, The K-12 Curriculum of the Department of Education, Philippines

Raihan Yusoph, Ahmad Domocao Alonto, Sr.: Champion of the Muslims in Lanao, Philippines

Dr. Muhi N. Salman & Dr. Amhed H.Al- Saraf, Case Report: Pediatric Intoxication Inducing After Dental Pain Management OTC Benzocaine Product

Mohd Aqib Aslam, Euthanasia And Its Legality In India

Shahida Banu, Feasibility of Corporate Social Responsibilities Initiatives in SME’s –Benefits and Challenges

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